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Added Yahtzee to the list of games!

The redevelopment of the website to cater to the search engines is finally complete. The primary domain, thePulse.com, now hosts a static, server rendered website that is optimized for search engines. The progressive web app is now located at the new domain, app.thePulse.com. My focus will almost...

Vito, April 3 0 30
News and Infinite Scrolling

In an effort to boost the SEO ratings of the News page, the news feed updates now include a process to download the images from the source, resize them to confirm with size constraints, reformat them to the newer WebP image format, and finally, saving them to the cloud where they can be available...

Vito, March 26 0 71
Deep dive distractions

While working on Search Engine Optimizations today, using the Google Search Console, i learned more about the pitfalls of working with a progressive web app (and Single Page apps in general), with how they make it difficult for the search engines to fetch individual pages within the app. This led...

Vito, March 23 0 47
New Icon and Map Menu fixes

The previous app icon didn't have a background, which made it difficult to see unless you had a solid colored background on your phone. I've created a new icon with a slightly modified design and a white background, and the icon is now easily visible on any background.

I've also fixed an issue...

Vito, March 22 0 27
Users required to sign in again, due to changes

The last references to "PulsePass" have been removed from the site. This affects numerous pages and functionalities, which require users to sign in again. Version 0.2.96 also addresses the "Time Since" display on several pages, including the Post Date on the message boards and the Date...

Vito, March 21 0 35

Bugs & Issues

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Fixed hours of "1 minute ago" news stories

Good news - I’ve squashed another pesky bug that was messing with the “Time Since” feature on our news stories. You might’ve noticed some stories hanging around with a “1 minute ago” tag for hours. That was because we were comparing UTC time with local time. I doubt it'll be the last of the...

Vito, March 21 0 29
Fixed issue with new posts

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you a heads-up about a quirky bug that was messing with new post creation.

If you hit ‘tab’ to jump into the content box, it would sneak in some extra spaces. This little glitch within a third-party component was triggering a feature that stopped words from...

Vito, March 21 0 23
Spelling / Grammar Bug not working

I'm seeing that the Spelling and Grammar option is acting buggy. If I check on a word, the Spelling and Grammar macro does not provide suggestions for the miss-spelled word. Then again, it just might be on my end??

Phil, March 21 3 33
Vito wrote: Phil, you may have been correct. I believe there is spell-checking functionality in the markdown ed
Sign-Up and Sign-In inactive buttons

There is currently an issue with the Sign-Up and Sign-In pages (which operate similiarly). I'll post an update to this thread as soon as they're operating normally.

Vito, March 12 1 55
Vito wrote: Sign-Up and Sign-In are now both working. If you encounter any issues that may have been missed dur

Feature Suggestions

Suggestions for new features and changes to existing features
Two-Factor activation

Two-Factor security is currently enabled for setup and management, but the use of it is not yet enabled. Very little effort will be required to finish this piece and I will update this post as soon as it is enabled.

Vito, March 12 0 40

General Discussions

General Discussions
Navigation Tutorial?

Hi Vito - Is there any chance of adding a a tutorial link to guide us how to navigate thought the site? Just a thought.

Phil, March 21 1 35
Vito wrote: Absolutely. There's only one issue... I haven't settled on a method of navigation just yet. I adde
AI Timesavers

As a programmer, AI really can be a great timesaver. When you're using multiple languages, platforms and handling databases, networking, and more, remembering every detail is impossible. How many people use AI regularly?

I asked Copilot a question about setting up a database trigger to save me...

Vito, March 19 1 26
Vito wrote: I'll be using this post to validate my markup handling that's coming up next...
Pinellas County RSS Feeds?

Does anyone have any ideas for local RSS feeds that should be incorporated into thePulse? It could be announcements from important companies or local government offices, sports, schools, etc?

Vito, March 12 0 43