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Installing Website as an App

Posted by VitoDeCarlo, posted December 30

This site is developed as a Progressive Web App, providing some additional functionality not found with a typical website. One of these features is the ability to install the website in a way that allows it to look and function more like a native app. Once installed, the website will run in full-screen mode, without any of the browser interface elements (address bar, etc.). On Windows, you can even pin the website icon to your Task Bar. The method of installing the app is different between each of the browsers and operating systems. On an iPhone, while browsing, choose the Share icon (bottom center) and then select "Add to Home Screen". If you're using the Chrome browser, it will prompt you to install the website on a repeat visit and after at least five minutes has passed between visits. For other browsers, try navigating to the Settings area and choose to either install the website or add it to your home screen.

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