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Accounts and Profiles

Posted by VitoDeCarlo, posted December 29

An Account Management area has been added and there's a lot here to discuss. Registration Users can register on thePulse by signing in with an external account (i.e. Google, Microsoft, Twitter, etc.). This process will retrieve the user's email address from the external provider. It's the simplest method of registering as a new user. Once registered, the User Profile can be completed at a later time. Users can also choose to register the old way - providing an email address and a password. The email address will then need to be confirmed before many features on the site can be fully enabled. Account / Profile Management Once a user has registered on the site, the Account Management features will be available. These features will allow additional external account providers to be connected to your profile on thePulse. The benefit here is that if one of your external accounts became unusable (either by deactivating the account or via a hack, etc.), then another external provider can be used to access your account. For increased security (probably overkill for the time-being), Two-Factor Authentication can be enabled. This will add an additional layer of authentication by requiring a third-party app (such as Authenticator) to be used to approve each sign-in. Personal Data The Personal Data area will enable users to download the data that we have stored for them (profile info, message posts, photos, etc.). It will also allow a User to delete all of the data that thePulse has stored for them.

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