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General Discussions

Navigation Tutorial?

Hi Vito - Is there any chance of adding a a tutorial link to guide us how to navigate thought the site? Just a thought.

Phil, March 21 1 88
Vito wrote:

Absolutely. There's only one issue... I haven't settled on a method of navigation just yet. I adde

AI Timesavers

As a programmer, AI really can be a great timesaver. When you're using multiple languages, platforms and handling databases, networking, and more, remembering every detail is impossible. How many people use AI regularly?

I asked Copilot a question about setting up a database trigger to save me...

Vito, March 19 1 73
Vito wrote:

I'll be using this post to validate my markup handling that's coming up next...

Pinellas County RSS Feeds?

Does anyone have any ideas for local RSS feeds that should be incorporated into thePulse? It could be announcements from important companies or local government offices, sports, schools, etc?

Vito, March 12 0 86