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Spelling / Grammar Bug not working

Posted by Phil, posted March 21

I'm seeing that the Spelling and Grammar option is acting buggy. If I check on a word, the Spelling and Grammar macro does not provide suggestions for the miss-spelled word. Then again, it just might be on my end??

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Reply by Vito, March 21

I haven't incorporated a spell-checker yet, so its likely the browser thats handling that (I think). I'm using a few different components, for the creation, display, and sanitizing of each post, so I'm not entirely sure its not a feature of one of them. But I do know that the browser does have this feature when you're entering information into form fields, so thats likely the source of any issues. You can confirm this by checking out the settings of your browser, or by trying another browser.

Awesome thing to point out, though, as i wasn't even thinking about that. So ill be looking into it as well, as soon as i have some free time.

Reply by Vito, March 21

Version 0.2.94 includes a fix for showing the Reply author's photo on a Reply, rather than the Post author's photo. It also includes a fix where the Reply form was not being cleared and closed after successfully posting a Reply.

It takes about six minutes for the commit, push, build, test, and deploy processes to complete. But once it's on the server, you'll have to open the site so that it becomes aware of the update and downloads it (which should take just a few seconds). You will then have to close the website (all instances of it for the specific browser you are using), wait a couple of seconds and then reopen it. You can then go to the "Status" page to see what version you are currently using. If you see "0.2.94", then you're using the version with the mentioned fixes.

I'll probably need to document this somewhere soon... :)

Reply by Vito, March 21

Phil, you may have been correct. I believe there is spell-checking functionality in the markdown editor that I'm using. I'll investigate later today, but if you could, let me know what type of weirdness you were experiencing.