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News and Infinite Scrolling

Posted by Vito, posted March 26

In an effort to boost the SEO ratings of the News page, the news feed updates now include a process to download the images from the source, resize them to confirm with size constraints, reformat them to the newer WebP image format, and finally, saving them to the cloud where they can be available via our Content Delivery Network. In some cases, this reduces the file size of each image by more than 60%.

The images are also served differently, as they are now configured in a more fluid way, reducing the content reformatting that was taking place as the images download.

Finally, only 10 news stories are initially served, with additional stories added as you scroll down to within a screen height from the bottom.

These steps all work towards increasing the performance of the page, with the added benefit of being able to scroll through all of the articles in our database.


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