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Fixed hours of "1 minute ago" news stories

Good news - I’ve squashed another pesky bug that was messing with the “Time Since” feature on our news stories. You might’ve noticed some stories hanging around with a “1 minute ago” tag for hours. That was because we were comparing UTC time with local time. I doubt it'll be the last of the...

Vito, March 21 0 28
Fixed issue with new posts

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you a heads-up about a quirky bug that was messing with new post creation.

If you hit ‘tab’ to jump into the content box, it would sneak in some extra spaces. This little glitch within a third-party component was triggering a feature that stopped words from...

Vito, March 21 0 22
Spelling / Grammar Bug not working

I'm seeing that the Spelling and Grammar option is acting buggy. If I check on a word, the Spelling and Grammar macro does not provide suggestions for the miss-spelled word. Then again, it just might be on my end??

Phil, March 21 3 32
Vito wrote:

Phil, you may have been correct. I believe there is spell-checking functionality in the markdown ed

Sign-Up and Sign-In inactive buttons

There is currently an issue with the Sign-Up and Sign-In pages (which operate similiarly). I'll post an update to this thread as soon as they're operating normally.

Vito, March 12 1 55
Vito wrote:

Sign-Up and Sign-In are now both working. If you encounter any issues that may have been missed dur