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Added Yahtzee to the list of games!

Posted by Vito, posted April 3

The redevelopment of the website to cater to the search engines is finally complete. The primary domain,, now hosts a static, server rendered website that is optimized for search engines. The progressive web app is now located at the new domain, My focus will almost entirely be on features contained within the app version of the site. This includes the map, games, account management, and more.

Before I start the next phase of development, which involves adding over 20,000 pages to the website, I figured I would add another game to the games list. An old favorite of mine, I've added Yahtzee and made sure it was playable on mobile devices. I've been playing it while waiting for new versions of the site to publish to the servers and haven't become bored of it yet. I hope you enjoy it.


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