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Added Yahtzee to the list of games!

The redevelopment of the website to cater to the search engines is finally complete. The primary domain,, now hosts a static, server rendered website that is optimized for search engines. The progressive web app is now located at the new domain, My focus will almost...

Vito, April 3 0 75
News and Infinite Scrolling

In an effort to boost the SEO ratings of the News page, the news feed updates now include a process to download the images from the source, resize them to confirm with size constraints, reformat them to the newer WebP image format, and finally, saving them to the cloud where they can be available...

Vito, March 26 0 124
Deep dive distractions

While working on Search Engine Optimizations today, using the Google Search Console, i learned more about the pitfalls of working with a progressive web app (and Single Page apps in general), with how they make it difficult for the search engines to fetch individual pages within the app. This led...

Vito, March 23 0 98
New Icon and Map Menu fixes

The previous app icon didn't have a background, which made it difficult to see unless you had a solid colored background on your phone. I've created a new icon with a slightly modified design and a white background, and the icon is now easily visible on any background.

I've also fixed an issue...

Vito, March 22 0 78
Users required to sign in again, due to changes

The last references to "PulsePass" have been removed from the site. This affects numerous pages and functionalities, which require users to sign in again. Version 0.2.96 also addresses the "Time Since" display on several pages, including the Post Date on the message boards and the Date...

Vito, March 21 0 100