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Installing Website as an App

Posted by VitoDeCarlo, December 30 ago

This site is developed as a Progressive Web App, providing some additional functionality not found with a typical website. One of these features is the ability to install the website in a way that allows it to look and function more like a native app. Once installed, the website will run in full-s ...

Accounts and Profiles

Posted by VitoDeCarlo, December 29 ago

An Account Management area has been added and there's a lot here to discuss. Registration Users can register on thePulse by signing in with an external account (i.e. Google, Microsoft, Twitter, etc.). This process will retrieve the user's email address from the external provider. It's the simple ...

Design and User Experience

Posted by VitoDeCarlo, December 29 ago

The first stages of development involves a process that usually results in features and section being completely rewritten - possibly multiple times. There's also the fact that this site is using new development technologies and the number of rewrites increases. Until some of the features have m ...

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