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How we use and protect your data on thePulse Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is a work-in-progress, as the site is in development and changing quickly. You will find details of the information that we collect in order to bring you the services we offer. You'll also learn how to view any and all of the personally identifying information we have that is related to you. You'll also learn more about how and why we use the information we have to better serve you. Finally, you will learn how to remove any personally identifiable info we have about you.

While using thePulse, you are expected to respect and protect the privacy of other members. These expectactions are spelled out in our Terms of Service. Please take a momemt to read through that document as well, after finishing with this, our Privacy Policy.

What is thePulse?

The services provided by are related to the development of a community-type site about the use of smart home technology. Our intent is to foster a community that allows for sharing and working with others, in order to drive the community, as well as each of us individually, forward more quickly. By working with others, and advancing the best ideas forward more quickly, the challenges that we face in this early-adopter industry, may become less difficult.

Information we collect

We collect or receive information in several ways. During registration on our site, we collect information that is used to identity you, so that we can provide authorization to areas that are restricted to members-only. This information may include an email address and password, identifying attributes from external logins, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and others. It may also include demographic information, intended to assist us in better understanding who we are serving, and to also provide a more welcoming and personal experience while your visiting our site. Other pieces of data, such as a birth date, may be used to provide special offers.

We also collect information through technical and analytical monitors. Services such as Google Analytics provide us with information on who is visiting our site, which pages they are viewing, which regions our viewers are from, and what devices are being used to view pages on the site. Also, the website services that are used to provide you with the services we offer, will produce log files to provide visibility to how the site is running and when we need to fix bugs that may be occurring while visitors are using the site.

We have implemented the use of several cookies on our site. One of these cookies is used to track consent to the use of cookies. Another is used for authentication purposes, so that we can remember who you are once you login, and to prevent you from having to login again every time you visit the site.

We occaisionally use the services of third-party vendors, to deliver surveys, to track feature requests, etc. These third-parties may implement their own cookies for similar purposes.

Services we offer

As the site continues to develop, more details about the services that offered will be found on this page. One of these services that you can expect to find more details on, are the forums. Although the forums will be available to anyone anonymously, only members will be authorized to post in the forums.

Another service you can expect to learn more about in the coming weeks, is personalized area of thePulse.Me.

Who we share data with

We share portions of the data we collect with partners and other service providers, in order to monitor, maintain, and develop the services that we provide. Listed below, you'll find a list of the primary service vendors with whom we may share data with, and why.


thePulse websites are developed on the .NET development framework, and are currently hosted on the Azure cloud services platform. These hosting services include DNS, Content Delivery Network services, container hosting services, and more. Technical data related to the requests made against our servers and services may be shared with Microsoft in an effort to troubleshoot technical issues that arise. As a business, we use the Office 365 suite of services, which includes email service, as well as their customer relationship management software-as-a-service.


thePulse utilizes the Google Marketing Platform service to better understand who is visiting our websites, the devices being used, the pages and services visiting, where these users are located throughout the world, and more. We choose not to share any data with Google for improvements to their products and services, nor do we share data for technical support, sales recommendations, or marketing insights. The only option of data sharing that we have selected is for Benchmarking, which states: Contribute anonymous data to an aggregate data set to enable features like benchmarking and publications that can help you understand data trends. All identifiable information about your website is removed and combined with other anonymous data before it is shared with others.

Your Rights to Your Data

We expect to offer services to allow you to view, download, and delete, any personally identifyable information that we have that is related to you. As we develop our Member Profile features, we will add the relevant information to this page.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns related to this Privacy Policy, please feel free to reach out to us. You my contact us by mail at:

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Call us at: 1-727-295-2040

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