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Navigation Tutorial?

Posted by Phil, posted March 21

Hi Vito - Is there any chance of adding a a tutorial link to guide us how to navigate thought the site? Just a thought.

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Reply by Vito, March 21

Absolutely. There's only one issue... I haven't settled on a method of navigation just yet. I added the breadcrumb navigation to the top of many pages with a component that I developed just last week. The account related links are all located within the user-icon of the main navigation. All of the Map settings are currently accessible via the Map icon in main navigation - but I'm planning to move some of them into an overlay-navigation within the map.

I guess I could start to write something up for the sections that I think will be stable for at least a few weeks. I'll put that on my task list as a priority item. Then I can just add to it as I become aware of items that should be added to it (just like via this post you made, which I'm thankful of).