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User Feedback now live!

Posted by Vito, posted March 11

A new messaging system is now in place and its first use will be for our new User Feedback area and for announcements on new releases - with this being the very first announcement. There are still several items relating to the messaging system that are not yet complete, but there's enough functionality to begin having discussions regarding the website, any issues you're finding and help with any existing features. So please, feel free to get some conversations going about the site, while I work on completing the unfinished portions of the messaging system. :)

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Reply by Vito, March 16

Finally, the very first reply on thePulse...

Reply by Vito, March 16

The issues stemming from the domain name move are finally resolved. Progress on features coming shortly.

Reply by John, March 17

Yes. It is looking good!

Reply by Vito, March 17

The ability to add a profile background image and profile pic will be made available tomorrow.

Reply by Vito, March 19

Users can now update their profile picture in the Account -> Profile page. It's still in a crude form, but you have the option of selecting a photo on your device, dragging a photo onto the form, or pasting a photo from your clipboard. The design of the profile page will probably occur in a couple of weeks, when there is more content on the page to work with.

Reply by Vito, March 20

I'm still working on the theme colors (light and dark) and naming adjustments to the .message boards.

Reply by Vito, March 21

I have added a text editor (now active when replying to a post) and am testing it out. I'm sure there will be a few issues with it, but looks good so far).