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Jasco releases new GE branded Z-Wave light switches

Posted by VitoDeCarlo, posted July 26

GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Dimmer with QuickFit™ and SimpleWire™ It looks like Jasco recently released several new Z-Wave light switches, including an old-fashioned toggle switch. For those that have been using home automation devices for, well, a number of years, you'll recognize the brand. Jasco (GE branded) light switches were popular in the earlier days of Z-Wave as they were very inexpensive. At one point, Radio Shack removed itself from the home automation market, and dumped the product they had in stock at insanely inexpensive prices - and I remember these light switches selling for $10 - $20. Quickly reading through their marketing literature, I could not find the version of Z-Wave they're using. My guess is that, as they are brand new, they should be taking advantage of the latest chips, but I would think they would be marketing that somewhere on their page - even if in the FAQ section. Let me know if you do find the information listed somewhere. Here's the link to the list of new products:

Reply by Jessiryan
July 26
That's great news VitoDeCarlo about Jasco. Yes Radio Sack may be doing marketing somewhere in the website. But nowhere in the website they are using Z-Wave. But finally happy to see good news something about home automation.