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New Post Editing Features!

Posted by VitoDeCarlo, posted June 14

Moving right along, we now have a new post editing feature. It uses the the TinyMCE JavaScript WYSIWYG HTML editor that's been around for ages (and I mean ages). You can learn more about it by following this automatic link that it produces as I type... It easily produces links, images (which are not enabled just yet), lists, emoji's, and many of the standard HTML tags.

Several other features are very close to being finished, including admin and moderator roles, editing and deleting posts (by post owners and moderaters), moving posts, flagging posts for inapropriate content, and more. Some of these features are already complete, but dependant on other features. All of these should be released within the next couple of days. Finally, I'm working on a private messaging feature, as well as a chat feature. Both of those features should be online by the end of the weekend.