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Kwikset releases new Iron Black finish, Touchscreen Deadbolt w/ new Z-Wave chip

Posted by VitoDeCarlo, posted June 16

Kwikset has updated some models of Z-Wave locks, including the SmartCode 914 and SmartCode 916 deadbolt locks. They feature the new series 500 Z-Wave chip, that provides extended range and additional security features. Batter life is actually something the Z-Wave Alliance has been marketing as one of the most important features of the latest chip, and locks are definitely one of the device types to take complete advantage of that improvement. I know I've run into a situation a couple of times when my locks were dead without warning, due to the controller not being capable of properly reading battery levels. I believe the Z-Wave Alliance is marketing that some devices can stay powered on batter for up to 10 years. Here's the link to the new Iron Black upgraded lock models: